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#18:  The Many Ways to Get Clients

In season 2 of the Kate Ahl show we’ve covered a variety of ways to get clients for your services based business. In this episode we recap all the options and I leave you with a call to action for how you can put into action one method in Q3 that you can master.

We’ve covered a ton of options for getting clients in season 2. It’s been a joy for me to cover it all as well. Not only did it remind me of all the methods I tried but also inspired me to lean into new ones over the next year or so. 

So, let’s recap really quickly what we covered.

Episode 1 – Defining Lead Gen. This is a fancy word for getting clients. I outlined that I would be covering lessons, takeaways, thoughts, stories and more about what has worked and not worked when it comes to getting agency clients. 

I dropped a reminder to go back to season 1 episode 5 to review ideal clients. This is an absolute MUST listen before diving into lead gen. 

I know in the beginning you are willing to work with everyone. That’s part of the growth process. You can’t learn who you will work with unless you know who you won’t work with. 

Episode 2 – Tracking who, what, when and where of client inquiries is not only important to your client acquisition but it’s also important to your marketing. It tells you where to go and where people are finding you. In this episode we’re going to break down the why and what behind tracking client inquiries. Then we camped on pathways and making sure people knew how to sign up

Episdoe 3 – You’ve come up with an idea for your business. You have a few clients and now you want to serve more. How do you draw awareness to yourself as a business owner? What are the methods and tactics that work best for you.

We covered content marketing, email marketing, 

Episode 4 – Do small offers get clients? There is a lot of discussion about these so called small offers that can help lead to clients signing. However, when you pull back the curtain on the intent of the person buying the small offer it doesn’t line up with the profile of a person who will buy your monthly management packages. So are these worth your time?

Such a fun episode to record. And even last week as I reviewed with my servies director our services she mentioned those who can’t afford it and how we might want to create something for them. But we were quick to reminder her those are not our ideal avatar. Even 8 years in we still have to remind ourselves that we’re not here to serve everyone. 

Episode 5 – Email marketing for leads. This was fun! It’s one of my favorite ways to lead people and warm them up. In fact this week I’m running a refresh on my newsletter

Episode 6 – Cold pitches to get leads with a real life story from one of my students Leah. What FUN!! Leah is so brave when it comes to pitch that she inspires me to think bigger and not be so afraid of failure. 

Episode 7 – referrals. We went deep on how to create a plan, payout and making this a really important part of your strategy for warm leads

Episode 8 – Content marketing

Episode 9 – social media marketing

What has been your favorite method so far?

Keep doing that, don’t slow down. Turning off the sales faucet is never a good idea. Then think about what your next option is for getting clients. What feels like it could be the next thing that not only fits you but also fits your future clients? 

I have so enjoyed this season and I look forward to recording season 3. Let me know what you’d like to hear more about by replying to I would seriously love to hear from you. 

Season 3 starts August 7th. 

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