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You’re growing a business and your world is spinning so fast you don’t know what to work on next. Sometimes we just need to sit down with someone who has walked the path before us and ask all our burning questions.

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how does it work?

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Click the link to pay for the call. After you pay you'll receive a link to list out questions. A zoom link will be sent to your email. 


Before the call, write down your greatest struggles. And also write down something you're super curious about when it comes to your service-based business. No question is off the table so bring them all! 


During our Zoom call I'm going to ask a lot of questions and you'll probably take a lot of notes. It will be recorded so don't worry about getting everything the first time. My goal is to help you with your current struggles so you can move out of them and into forward movement. 

Is a consult call worth it?

If you're someone that takes action once given a plan, this is the perfect path for you. Oftentimes we're stuck on something little and we just need someone's perspective and wisdom to push us out of being stuck. 

I've tested, tried, failed, and succeeded in a lot of areas surrounding agency growth and running a service- based business. I know I can help you with your questions and help you come up with at least three action items to keep you moving forward. 

Consult calls are a perfect fit if you just need feedback, guidance, or affirmation on one area of your business. If you need systems, growth plans or have bigger issues, I suggest ongoing coaching. 

Why consult with me?

Just a few short years ago I was staring at a desk full of post-it notes, several PDFs lined up on my printer and work that needed to be done. It felt like I was tripping over my business feet and if I didn’t get a handle on it all this dream I was going to face plant.

Over the last 10 years, I’ve grown my agency from eight clients to over 100 clients with a team of over 38 women. I know how to build systems that will help you get the results you want. I know the pitfalls to avoid. Whether it’s a part-time or full-time business you’re looking to build, let’s discover the best method to build your success.

Kate Ahl - CEO of Simple Pin Media

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