Well hello, I'm Kate.

My last name is Ahl, pronounced "All". It's not that hard but sometimes people make it more difficult than it is. Kind of like scaling an agency. With a few of the right strategies you can become the CEO you've always wanted to be. Out of the day to day and selling the vision and skills of the company. This podcast talks about just that -- tips for agency owners that want to scale their digital marketing company to an agency with a team of people crushing it for them.  

Why listen to me?

That's a great question and something you should ask before you dedicate time to someone's voice in your ear. Here's what I bring to the table. 

Eight years ago I started a Pinterest management company with a crappy website and a hope and a prayer that it would work. We needed cash and we needed it fast. Our family of five was living on food stamps and suffering the big effects of the recession. 

Armed with a dumb idea from a friend that people wanted someone else to manage their Pinterest marketing, I dove headfirst into learning Pinterest. 

I had to hire my first team member out of desperation and the idea that I needed someone as a back up for emergencies. It lit a fire in me. What if I could hire more people to help and make this grow. 

Fast forward, through a lot of details I share on the podcast, and I am now the CEO of an agency with 35 employees who are crushing it for our clients. 

People ask me all the time, "Kate, how did you do it? I need to hire people but I'm so nervous. What are your best tips for scaling an agency?"

Instead of answering them one by one, I started a podcast. What you'll hear each week will be my tips, wisdom, lessons, failures, leadership strategies and more. All with the goal of helping you scale an agency so you can live into your role as CEO.

Where can I listen?

Just search "the Kate Ahl Show" in your favorite podcast players. If you're a newbie to podcasts here's a few places...

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My goal is to help you build the agency you've always wanted. To stop getting stuck in the weeds and launch into CEO greatness. 

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