Want to be a Pinterest management professional, but don't know how to stand out in a sea of VA's?

A 12-week group coaching program to help you learn how to be a first-class Pinterest management professional. Doors open August 23, 2021!

Pinterest Agency Pro

This jam-packed 12-week coaching program will help you create your perfect Pinterest marketing business!


I teach the exact systems inside Pinterest Agency Pro that I used to grow my own agency, Simple Pin Media. I give you templates, wording, and steps to build a strong foundation for your agency. 


After you get the systems you need to action. Each unit has strong action items to keep you moving forward. Our coaching calls provide a place to ask questions so you're not stuck on a particular unit. 


Now you need growth. Taking the next step to get more clients, more exposure, and the right clients to help you grow. Not to mention team. We also talk about hiring your first team member and how to evaluate their performance. 


I know how hard it is to build a Pinterest Management business. I've spent 7 years growing Simple Pin Media to be one of the largest Pinterest management companies. In 2020, we made over $1 million from working with Pinterest management clients. That took sweat, creativity, no blood but maybe some tears. Inside Pinterest Agency Pro I'll help you build the Pinterest marketing business the fits you!

Here’s what people are saying

Dream Bigger

This program allowed me to dream bigger and refine the way I see my existing business. 

Jamie - Shank Social
Taking Action 

I learned what I need to do in order to have a sound business. It make me put action onto things I had been putting off. 

Rose - Rosie Does Digital
Define Ideal Clients

Defining my idea client was so helpful. This group forced me to set up a well structured process.

Christine - Create.Together


I won't suggest cold calling or leaving hilarious LinkedIn messages with crazy emoji's. Not my style. I believe when you create awesome offers, clear pathways and stellar communication clients will come knocking on your door.

I've developed a framework for growth that will help any entrepreneur grow a professional Pinterest management company. We've put that all into Pinterest Agency Pro -- our group coaching program for Pinterest management professionals. (You're NOT a VA!)

The program will be broken down into 7 units. Each unit will include a series of pre-recorded lessons and PDF notes. Following the lesson, we will have a coaching call to discuss the materials. Then it's time to make progress. Each student will be asked to take action on the material and share their progress.

Here's what's included!

Set the Foundations

Do you know who you are as a business owner? Fact-finder, visionary, quick-start, growth-minded? Together we will walk through who you are as a business owner, the type of business you want to create and develop the core values of your company.

After the first phase of self-discovery, it's time to build or refine your services, decide how much you'll charge (or raise prices), and develop policies, and contracts.

If you've already been in the business a while, we will take time to review what's working and not working as well as learning how to streamline your offers.

Bring on the clients!

You may be tempted to take anyone that wants to throw a payment your way, but that will quickly lead to burnout.

Before your first, or 15th client call, it’s important to determine how you will qualify who you will work with. Taking anybody and everybody is definitely a place to learn, but there will be clients you know you won’t be able to serve.

Build your perfect fit, potential fit, and not-a-fit system to quickly and easily qualify your clients. Then create and/or refine your discovery call system.

If you absolutely MUST do beta work to learn, find out the proper system, what to charge, and how you learn from your time in beta.

Onboard your dream clients effectively!

You don't have time to be confused and neither do your future clients.

Onboarding is the first chance a client has to see how you really work. Let that leave a lasting impression on them by easing their fears and worries of buyers' remorse.

Let them see you shine with your system, communication, and efficiency with your newly created or refined process.

In this unit, we will cover how long your onboarding should be, what emails you should send, the welcome packet, and the checklist you’ll create for yourself to make sure you don’t miss any steps.

Communication is everything!

Communication has the power to keep your clients around for a long time.

Every client you work with wants to feel valued, seen, and cared for as you work on their social media marketing. You can’t just sign them up, send them a bill, get to work on their account, and go dark. They will be left to wonder what you are doing when you are doing it and how well it’s going.

Monthly reports, checkpoints, and necessary boundaries make for a beautiful client relationship in which everyone is happy. You'll see how Simple Pin does this for our clients and what keeps them happy even when the numbers are down.

In the unfortunate event that a client has to leave, we will help you create an offboarding report and system that will leave a lasting impression even after they are gone. (Hint...this leads to them coming back if they left on good terms.)

When client work gets hard....and it will.

I wish I could tell you that working with clients is sunshine and roses but it's not. Sometimes you'll make mistakes and sometimes the client will. Regardless, you have to be prepared to troubleshoot when it gets rough.

Whether it’s client communication, your Pinterest marketing, or onboarding, it can feel really overwhelming when your systems are out of whack. Establishing your troubleshooting systems now will help you feel a little less freaked out when the unexpected happens. And it will happen.

How to Market Yourself

You're crushing it at Pinterest management. You know it, your clients know it, but how do you tell people on social media without sounding like one of those bro marketers that want to sell you the $10,000/day dream business?

There is a way that feels right for you and can get you more clients. Figure out what marketing method works best for you, how to incorporate it into your workweek, and build a marketing system you can sustain without forsaking your client work.

Scale Your Business

Each business owner needs to decide how big of a business they want to grow. A services-based business needs people to grow and expand which means you’ll have to dig deep on your personality and if hiring, training, and leading people is in your wheelhouse. This could be a small, mighty team or it could mean 50 employees.

After growing Simple Pin Media to 38 employees, I can help you with hiring, training, and growing a team. I'll share with you everything from application, interview, hiring, training, and how to evaluate if they are the best for your team.

You're A PERFECT MATCH For This Program If...

  • You want to learn how to be a Pinterest management professional.
  • You want more clients.
  • Your systems need to be refined and streamlined for maximum connection with clients.
    The guesswork has become too exhausting and you just want someone to tell you the quickest path to effective growth.
  • You love learning new things and can implement new ideas quickly.
  • You can handle feedback without taking it personally.
  • You're willing to learn new programs and put in the time needed to master them.
  • You believe in community over competition.

This Isn't A Good Fit If...

  • Your time is limited. No shame here, sometimes it's not the right time. You need to be ready to invest and implement what I teach. You only have 12 weeks to consume the program, it's go time.
  • You're looking for a quick fix.
  • You aren't interested in growing and learning.
  • You're unwilling to sign a non-disclosure agreement. What happens in Simple Pin Pro, stays there.

About Your Coach

Here's the deal, I love helping people. I also love coaching people towards success. 

I've been given a lot of experience in agency growth and I want to pass that onto you. The goal is to help you avoid the pitfalls, troubleshoot through the rough waters, and help you come out the other side a successful agency owner, however big that may be. 

You can read more about my story here

what people say about Pinterest Agency Pro


I didn't have an onboarding system before and it's such a relief to have one and understand the benefits.

Angela - Skylark Virtual Services

Prepared to Scale

Writing down my processes means I'm ready to bring in help more easily when I'm ready

Lindsey - Let me give you some advice


I didn't have an onboarding process set up and now I feel like I can effectively 'close' a client and still maintain a good relationship. Plus they know what to expect.

Kaycee - Kaycee Lemondrop

How much is it?




3 payment option 

Billed monthly on the same day of enrollment



Pay in full option

Save $144 with pay in full





Simple, basic features and instant access to amazing case studies





Simpler, faster and more effective, flexible move. Achieve more with a small investment





The simplest, fastest and most effective, flexible move.

Doors open August 23, 2021 - - sign up for the waitlist to be the first to know!

You are fully protected by our 100% Satisfaction-Guarantee.

I've already done this system myself so I know it works. I'm not going to let you off the hook if you don't do the work or show up for the calls. If for some reason you do the work, put in the time, put yourself out there, and still cannot get your business off the ground then let's talk. As long as you can show proof of your work, I'll refund your money. However, I'm confident in my system to help you grow your business and get more clients!

More impact


My biggest ah-ha was realizing that my agency should represent the same personality traits as I do. Now I know how to position myself from other service providers.

Alex - King Pin services

I have decided to lean into cold pitch leads in my local area and turn them into strategic referral partners.

Heather Farris - Pinterest marketing for small businesses

I really enjoyed this program and look forward to putting this all into practice and watching my business grow.

Erin - erin kin pins

Smart Questions to Ask

I am ready to join! How do I buy?

Pinterest Agency Pro is an application only program. Applications are open on September 21-25. The program will start on September 28th.

Do I need to have a website? 

No, but it is preferred. You must have a place where people can learn about your services -- Facebook, Instagram, etc. Some platform where I can see what you do before joining the program.

Will you be teaching us how to do Pinterest marketing? 

No, this will be solely business-focused. However, we will have the Facebook group to troubleshoot Pinterest marketing questions. But it won't be a part of the curriculum.

Will I have to sign an NDA (Non-disclosure agreement)?

Yes. This is not only to protect you but the other members of the group. We want this to be a place where people can share their ideas freely without the worry that someone is going to take those ideas and implement them without permission. What happens in Pinterest Agency Pro, stays in Pinterest Agency Pro.

Do I need to have clients?

It would be best if you had at least 1-2 current clients so you can practice some of the techniques on them.

Where will we find the group coaching lessons?

Our group will be utilizing Facebook Units. The videos & PDF materials will be shared in the Facebook group. Group coaching calls (all recorded) will be held via Facebook Live. You must have Facebook to be a part of this community.

Will I have access to the course material after the 16-weeks is over?

Yes! You'll be able to access the videos, workbooks, and the Facebook group for at least a year after the program is completed. The Facebook group will be archived after the 16 weeks but you will still have access.

What if I get busy and can't make a coaching call? 

You'll be able to play catch up. However, I recommend you set aside at least 2-4 hours per week to work on your business instead of IN your business. That will require watching the videos and doing the homework. If you're unable to devote the time, then you should skip applying.

Why is this program application only?

 I don't want to waste your time. I'm looking for students who are committed, willing to put in the hard work, and implement systems until they get the results they want. Spending time hand-picking students allows me to curate a great group of students for each round of coaching that will not only spur one another on but grow in ways they never could have imagined.

In addition, we want to make sure each student has at least a few other students who have the same number of clients they have. I don't want an off-balance group where everyone has 5 clients and someone has 15. No one wants to be on an island.

What is the refund policy?

I've already done this system myself so I know it works. I'm not going to let you off the hook if you don't do the work or show up for the calls. If for some reason you do the work, put in the time, put yourself out there, and still cannot get your business off the ground then let's talk. As long as you can show proof of your work, I'll refund your money. However, I'm confident in my system to help you grow your business and get more clients!