Well hello, I'm Kate

I’m Kate Ahl (pronounce 'all' like the detergent) and I love coaching, guiding and leading people towards finding success in their business. Specifically agency owners and service providers. 

Let me tell you how this all got started

I first started on Pinterest when it was invite only (I waited 3 weeks for my invite),  the platform was super confusing and I didn’t think it stood a chance of surviving. Boy, was I wrong.

Fast forward to 2012, I was helping a friend with her frugal and deal blog. I was managing Facebook and loving the engagement we were getting. Then we started to notice some activity coming from Pinterest. We did a little searching and found a course that was teaching you how to name your boards and brand your profile. We spent 2 hours creating the profile for the business and creating images to lead back to the website. At the time, Pinterest favored landscape images so it wasn't hard to repurpose Facebook images. That would soon change. 

Late 2013, staring down the path of living on the tent on the side of the road (I kid, but the thought did cross my mind), I sat across the table from my friend as the last unemployment check rolled into the bank. Knowing where we were at she suggested managing people's Pinterest pages. Facebook had changed, bloggers needed a new way to get traffic. The problem, no one knew how to market on Pinterest. I took her up on the suggestion and started down the path of becoming an expert in all things Pinterest. 

Simple Pin Media started on January 1, 2014 with a simple website, three beta clients and the mindset of failure. Yep, I really thought this business would go down in flames before it got started. But in just 18 months we had a full-fledged marketing company on our hands and our clients were loving it. Oh, and I had a little team to help me as well.

What I have learned

Being a service provider is not for the faint of heart. It's not the easiest way to make money and it's not always fun. But...when you learn how to do it right, the magic happens. Here's what I believe you need to be successful as a service provider. 

SERVANT Leadership

A willingness to lean in and serve others is essential. This applies to both clients and the team. People in your path want to feel seen, heard, and valued. Always be willing to do the hardest job on the team and serve whenever you have the opportunity. 


To be the best service provider you need processes that are repeatable and efficient. It doesn't matter the program or system you use, it matters that you have something that works with you not against you. 

Team Building

People are the key to scaling a business. And they don't want to be miserable, and frankly neither do you. Leadership is essential to creating a great team environment and getting people to stick around. 

How I can help grow your business

My Executive 1-1 monthly coaching program. Twice a month coaching calls to get a personalized growth plan.

Pinterest Agency Pro, my 12-week signature program for learning how to start, grow and scale your Pinterest agency.

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