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How to Train Team Members

It’s really easy to put all your energy into hiring and then get relaxed when it comes to training. You see this person as competent,  you’re tasting freedom and moving into a new position and it’s tempting to cut corners. Don’t. You’ve just invested time and energy into interviewing, this can keep people in your circle for a long time and build loyalty. Keep running the race and serve your new employee or contractor by training them well.

When we begin training we remember that it’s not just technical skills you’re training but it’s also culture. You can’t expect someone just to be a robot in your company, they have to understand the nuances of how you communicate, what things to say and not say, as well as how to deal with conflict based on the values of your company.

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Here are a few of my top tips for training:

  • Create an Asana project to duplicate (or through any other project management software.
  • Record videos for people to watch as they go through training.
  • Create checkpoints within training for asking questions and to check to make sure they are grasping concepts.
  • If you feel that this person may not be the best fit, cut your losses in training. Don’t ignore your gut.

People want to stay committed to an organization for a season of time, usually a longer one. If someone doesn’t feel like they are getting it during training as yourself if this is a “you” problem or a “them” problem. That will help tremendously in your new hire adapting to your organization.

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Our favorite book for hiring is The Ideal Team Player by Patrick Lencioni.

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