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Tracking Client ROI and results.

I’m sure you’ve heard this…

“Tell me what the ROI is on management”

Truthfully, I hate that phrase with a passion.


Because most of the time the person asking doesn’t know what ROI means to them OR the number they would attach to their investment in Pinterest.

If they do, it removes all the emotion, and then then you can have a conversation.

If they don’t, it’s a moving target.

Computer with a notepad and person writing on the notepad.

Is ROI ad revenue? Is it affiliate revenue? Is it email leads? Is it course sales? Coaching calls?

See….it can mean different things to different businesses.

So where does that leave you?

With the burden of coaching people on what ROI is and how it affects Pinterest marketing.

Which is tough, but it can be super fun and a way to build long-term client relationships. in the podcast, I’m sharing with you some tips for finding the client’s ROI goals and how to track that data.

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