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Taking time for Rest

Growing and managing an agency is a grind. If you’re not careful you’ll burn out and find yourself completely unmotivated to do much. So how do you build in times for rest? It can be in the holiday weeks or simply taking one day off a week per month. There are a lot of creative ways to build in rest which will allow you to get refreshed and renewed to keep growing.

Also, think about how you work best – your personality and how you work. It’s easy to fall into the trap of listening to what other people say and trying to fit into their groove. I’m an achiever. I can go all day long. I have friends who are not and they love to watch TV and feel depleted most of the day. You have to think about what works best for your personality and know what to push yourself, get accountability to reach goals, or to hold yourself back. 

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Here’s another tip for when you have busy seasons, especially if you’re a mom and wife – there are times when you have to run with the flow or creativity and motivation and times when you have to go with the flow of rest. Maybe it’s not your ideal week due to the chaos in life and that’s okay. Give yourself grace to work through the seasons of chaos with the flow of what works.

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