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Season 3 Empowered Agency Podcast

At the start of season 3, I’m sharing with you my recent experience in working with another agency and how it didn’t work out but inspired a brand new way we serve clients. It was what we call our $7000 lesson. The takeaways were tremendous! Here are some of them that I address in the episode.

Wow them at the getgo (keep this high level of attentiveness going throughout).

Nurture them through the entire process, not just in the beginning.

Follow thru on everything and if you miss something, own the mistake and do better.

Lead the client at all times.

Communicate confidence even if you’re feeling shaky inside.

Listen to their needs and make sure everyone knows what their needs are instead of forgetting and then keep asking.

Serving clients offers us a unique position inside someone’s business. They are handing over the keys to an important role and the more confident they feel the better, and longer, the working relationship will be. I hope this episode encourages you to keep serving them as best you can.

I mention this book, Never Lose a Customer Again in the episode. Highly recommended reading.

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