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Hiring your first team member

We’re kicking off season 4 of the Empowered Agency podcast talking all about growing your team. In fact, our first episode tackles hiring your first team member.

Hiring your first team member can be scary. You have a ton of fears, questions, worries, and more when it comes to handing over some of the responsibility to someone else. You might even have some control issues and worry tremendously about if they screw up. Before you make your first hire get these things squared away and you’ll be set up for success.

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Here are a few of my top tips for starting:

I knew what position I needed to outsource. If you want to scale your agency you’re not going to get far by hiring someone to manage your inbox. You need people to do the work. That is what helps multiply yourself and gives you the ability to scale. It gets you out of some of the day-to-day and allows others to help you hold more space for growth

I knew my numbers. I knew what I could pay people. I didn’t ask anyone else but did make sure it was within the market rate. 

I understood that this was someone’s first time getting to know my work and the agency. I needed to make space for questions

Be the leader you would want. No one likes a control freak, micro-manager, or diminisher. Be someone that brings your people into the fold but also allows you to lead and give feedback.

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Our favorite book for hiring is The Ideal Team Player by Patrick Lencioni.

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