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Do this before launching a new service!

I’m the queen of getting bored with something. Or maybe it’s just me trying to create excitement in my life.

But I’ve often thought I needed to create a new service offer in my business purely based on “gut” or “boredom” whatever we’re going to call it.

I wish I would have someone to tell me to wait. Well, let’s be real, people probably did but I’m such a driven achiever I thought I could be the one to buck the trend.

Nope. I ended up in the same place.

I spent a ton of time creating a new offer, then a system, the promotion, and then…crickets. No one wanted it. I felt defeated and frustrated and wondered how I could have missed the mark.

woman with brown hair at desk typing at the computer.

So before you dive into launching a new service just listen to what I’ve learned about it. That doesn’t mean you can’t do it but it does mean there should be some strong consideration of what you do or do not want in the coming weeks with what you’re about to create.

This week I’m talking all about things you need to consider before launching a new service.

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