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Creating an onboarding process

Onboarding is where your clients can get buyer’s remorse. If you skip the important steps to caretake for them and lead them through the process you’ll lose out on their trust and pave the way for a bumpy relationship going forward.

You put all this work into getting the client and selling them into your services. Then comes the real work. Onboarding. 

This is where you demonstrate to your client that you’re going to lead them through the process of brining them into your ecosystem and helping to set up their account for success.

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During onboarding, your client will be asking one thing — is this the best investment?

Onboarding is KEY! It’s not only a time for your client to hand over the check but it’s also a time for you to show them how you’ll wow them. How your services are a step above the rest. They are clear, provide leadership, and comfort that they made the right decision.

Take time out to either ask a friend to evaluate, learn from feedback and refine to be the best it can be.

My book recommendation is Never Lose a Customer Again.

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