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Contractors vs. Employees

I’m far from the legal expert in discussing contractors vs. employees but I want to share my agency experience and story so you can glean some wisdom and figure out what path is right for you. Each agency owner is going to have to decide what works best for them and how they can best support their team in this area.

Note – I’m not giving legal or tax advice, you should consult with your accountant and attorney on the best option for your state. Each state and country is so different. It’s best to think about your goals and growth plan and discuss with your professional team.

Two chairs with windows behind them with a lamp and a plant with the words contractors vs employees.

What’s covered in the podcast

Here’s what I cover in the podcast.

How I got started with my first hire of a contractor.

Our conversion to employees in 2020 and the runway we gave ourselves for conversion. That included handbooks, contracts, programs, systems, and HR infrastructure.

Overcoming all my fears of how I felt about the switch.

Where we are now in 2022 entering 2023 with our hybrid model.

And how to know when it’s right for you based on all the signs and benchmarks for contractor vs. employees.


We use for all of our HR resources. It’s fantastic. Lots of templates and fairly low cost per year.

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Our favorite book for hiring is The Ideal Team Player by Patrick Lencioni.

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