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3 Keys to Scaling Your Agency

Scaling is this big word I think fancy marketers use to sound cool. But what does it really mean? How does it fit in your agency model? We’re diving into types of scaling and the 3 things I think every agency owner needs to scale their agency in this week’s podcast.

Scaling is just a fancy word for growth. You can grow super fast or you can grow slow and steady. There is no one right choice. At my own company, Simple Pin Media, I chose the option of slow and steady organic growth.  

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I’m not a jump-into-the-deep-end type of gal. I test the ice to make sure it’s steady before making the next move. If that’s you and you’re more risk averse, that’s okay. Don’t get caught up looking at other people’s models and rates of growth and compare them to your own. That’s a way to get burned out and will have you taking your eyes off your own page.

But for others, you may be like let’s get this party started and go big. To learn more about the different ways to scale your agency check out Do Scale by Les Mckeown.

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