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*This program is only open to students who have completed our Pinterest Agency Pro program.

What is it?

Pinterest Agency Masters

Pinterest Agency Masters is a membership companion to those who have completed Pinterest Agency Pro. The membership offers support, ongoing training, accountability and community to help you continue to scale your Pinterest management business. 

How do i join?

Complete Pinterest Agency Pro

Pinterest Agency Pro is our signature program that helps build and systematize your path towards building a Pinterest marketing agency. The doors open twice per year. 

After you've completed Pinterest Agency Pro program, we will open the doors to Pinterest Agency Masters. It's only open for 1 week and will be offered to previous members at each open enrollment. 

Membership Benefits



As a member, you get exclusive access to our bi-weekly business coaching calls. 

Each month will be centered on a specific topic agency builders are working through. The first call will be centered on this topic. The second call of the month will be a 30-minute coaching, hot seat, Q&A or troubleshooting time. 

Have a question about the next strategic move to make in your business? Bring that and any other question to the call.



The most important component to growth is accountability within community. Pinterest Agency Masters includes access to our exclusive Facebook group for support as you grow your Pinterest marketing business.

It’s a community where you will be able to connect, network, and engage with the community for questions, collaboration, and sharing of best practices.

Each Monday, we host accountability threads encouraging to take at least one strategic action for the week to continue the forward momentum in your business. 



Some of the biggest ah-ha's in business often come through other business owners sharing what they are learning. Each month I'll share with you an impactful podcast, and inspiring story or a book packed with resources. The exclusive Pinterest Agency Masters business newsletter comes out a the beginning of the month and is solely meant to inspire you. 

You'll also receive any updates or news surrounding Pinterest organic or paid marketing updates. 


Private Podcast

More info coming soon

Why join Pinterest Agency Masters?

Throughout the Pinterest Agency Pro program, I've taught you all the foundational elements of building an agency. But what can't be taught are all the hurdles, troubleshooting, and frustrations you'll come across on your growth journey. 

How to navigate a tough client situation. How to deal with the ups and downs of social media marketing. Second guessing yourself. Imposter syndrome. And so much more. 

This group will provide learning, support, accountability and community that will keep you going in those moments you want to quit. And we will celebrate with you when you experience a win!

Payment Options

Choose between a monthly payment or the yearly payment options for the Pinterest Agency Masters membership.


Recurring monthly payment on the date you joined the membership




Cancellation Policy

We know that business can be feast or famine sometimes. If you need to cancel your monthly membership, simple email to let us know you need to cancel. You'll be able to complete the month you've paid for and then your membership will end. You'll be able to rejoin at our next open enrollment time. 


How do I access the membership?

After you submit your payment you'll receive an email with instructions to join the Facebook group. 

Where will the monthly calls be located?

All calls will be inside the Facebook group. After the call, we will store the recording in the files of the Facebook group.

How do I cancel?

You can cancel at any time by emailing We will process your request.

How do I join the Pinterest Agency Pro coaching program?

Pinterest Agency Pro is open a couple times per year, simply click here to see if enrollment is open. 

Join Pinterest Agency Masters